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A furniture manufactured company

The company “Adverza Group” SIA started its work in Daugavpils (Latvia) in 2013, and, in a short time, earned the fame of an advanced local company in the design and manufacture of built-in and cabinet furniture. We are equally creative and responsiblewhen fulfilling any of the assigned tasks. As well asa very small kitchen in a standard apartment, also a spacious room for cooking in a private house, manufactured by our company, show maximum functionality and at the same time are visually appealing. Plus, which is also important, they are reflecting the customer's preferences and tastes; made using the most modern and high-quality materials.

We install furniture not only throughout Latvia, but also outside our country. We have a positive experience of working for export with countries such as Germany, Great Britain and Canada.

Kitchen of Your Dream Like 1-2-3!

1. Design

A visit to our showroom in 23 Saules Street, Daugavpils, will plunge you into the atmosphere of aesthetics, creation and multifunctionality.

Here you can enjoy our kitchens in different styles and with the use of various design techniques. You will be able to appreciate the advantages of various mechanisms, get a full picture of how your future kitchen will looklike.

We confidently declare that the choice of materials for our kitchens is limited only by their presence on the market. We cooperate with reliable suppliers from Poland, Italy and Austria. As for the choice of accessories, we prefer the world leader in this field –“Blum”. You will find examples of its products in the Catalogue. When selecting sinks and faucets, we offer our customers to pay attention to the products of “Franke” and “Schock”, the examples of which you can also find in our Catalogue.

2. Manufacture

It usually takes about two months to manufacture the kitchen according to an agreed design project. All the production takes place in Daugavpils. The experience of our masters allows us to fully implement the commonvision of the client and designer.

The client often decides to order not only the kitchen. Thanks to thoughtful design solutions, kitchen can be harmoniously combined with the dining room or even the living room, while preserving a unified style of furniture. We have such successful examples in our practice, and we are ready to offer you our best concepts.

3. Installation

The quality installation of custom-made kitchen furniture takes from 1 to 3 days. This period varies due to the volume and complexity of the project. All terms and conditions are agreed with the clientin advance.

Thanks to comprehensive and professional approach, each of our kitchens is unique and perfectin its own way. We are proud of the recognition of our customers that the furniture designed and manufactured by us is not like any other and it distinguishes us from other producersfrom the first glance.