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Hi-tech kitchen

Kitchens in the high-tech style are the furniture with clear lines and perfect proportions, the main components of which are metal, plastic, glass and other modern artificial materials. Such furniture has a fairly simple, unobtrusive design; the main feature of the high-tech kitchen being its technical equipment according to the latest technological inventions.

The high-tech kitchen color scheme has strict limitations. Usually it is a kitchen that has a combination of two contrasting shades, one of which being dominant, which gives the interior a great deal of dynamism. When choosing the color scheme of the kitchen in the high-tech style, you can focus on your own preferences, which will create the necessary atmosphere in the kitchen.

Apart from that, this style is characterized by rigor and "reticence", the absence of unnecessary items, details and fancy lines. That is why the high-tech style in the design of kitchen creates an atmosphere of perfect order and impeccable purity.

  • The kitchen is installed in a private house.
  • It is made in a combination of black and white colors.
  • Black and white facades - painted glass
  • Grey facades - laminated chipboard "Concrete"
  • Worktop - Egger
  • Wall panel – tile