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Franke sinks

Fragranite is a composite material, that is, consisting of several components

Today FRANKE represents kitchen sinks made of high-strength stainless steel, shock-resistant and heat-resistant, easy to clean composite material “Fragranite®”, "Tectonite®" and“Fraceram®” ceramics.

A wide assortment of sinks gives you the opportunity to choose the product that most harmoniously fits into the overall design of the interior of your kitchen space. You can choose a FRANKE sink of silver, black, chocolate or vanilla color; and other colors are also available.

Fragranite is a composite material, that is, consisting of several components.

These are:

  • natural granite (or quartz);
  • acrylic resin creating a solid surface;
  • special dye.

The qualitative characteristics of the fragranite originate from the features of its components - it is solid as a rock, but has a smooth surface, which is resistant to stains and the effects of household chemicals. The layer of acrylic resin makes the surface of the fragranite elastic, resistant to mechanical impact. This is an important difference of this material from ceramics and enamel. The color of the material does not change over time. It does not turn yellow, does not fade. In addition, fragranite products are treated with a special "Sanitized" composition, which reduces the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.

Another composite material used by the company for the production of sinks is tectonite. FRANKE has patented the "Franke Tectonite" material and is the only its producer.

Franke Tectonite consists of:

  • SMC (Sheet Mould Compound), which includes fiberglass and polyester resins, which improve the plastic characteristics and durability of the material. This is the main, fundamental component;
  • PiMC coating of the new generation with glass particles, which gives color to the sink;
  • unique texture, thanks to which the surface looks like natural granite.

Sinks from this material are made by method of pressing under a weight of 600 tons and a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius.

The undeniable advantages of "Franke Tectonite" are the following:

  • mechanical strength. Even the edges of the material, according to research, can withstand a hit of 6 kg;
  • durability and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Specifities of the production technology and the use of glass particles in the coating make this material unique in its segment. Such a sink will never lose its original color;
  • resistance to high temperatures (up to 300°C) is comparable to the resistance of the oven pan;
  • the material is absolutely inert to the coloring. As a result of experiments, even after 24 hours of contact with paint, there were no traces left on it. These properties of the material make it hygienic and easy in maintenance, despite its daily use.
  • small weight and durability of tectonite products do not create problems in transportation and installation. This material is used even in the automotive industry.

You can also get acquainted with the full catalog of FRANKE products.