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Schock sinks

Schock artificial stone sinks

The German manufacturer Schock produces stone and stainless steel sinks for kitchens, kitchen taps and accessories. In 1979, Schock produced the world's first granite sink, and its patented inventions are used by the largest manufacturers of kitchen sanitaryware.

Schock artificial stone sinks.

Schock granite sinks consist of specially processed quartz particles (80%) - the most durable component of natural granite, and of high-quality acrylic polymer (20%), which is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. This composite material is three times stronger than natural granite, and its surface has no pores.

The manufacturer uses two composite materials - the classic "Cristalite" and the premium "Cristadur".


The material is 80% composed of quartz - the most durable component of the granite (which is why these sinks are often called simply “granite”). Synthetic acrylic resins are used as a binding component. The surface texture of the sinks is close to the natural stone, but surpasses it in strength. Special coloring pigments are responsible for color variations, and thanks to these customers have an opportunity to pick up a sink suitable for the color scheme of their interior. The most popular are shades of neutral tones: beige, brown, gray.


The “Cristadur” sinks differ from the “Cristalite” analogue models with a more dense structure and perfectly smooth surface that repels water and dirt. The bottom of the bowl is reinforced with fiberglass, and the outer layer contains organic fibers that increase the strength of the protective coating. High-quality acryl is also used for binding of components.